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  • NAK Kiln Services

    About NAK Kiln Services -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAK Kiln Services has been servicing rotary Kilns, Calciners, Mixers, and Dryers for over 25 years. The procedure we employ, developed in large part by NAK Kin Services, makes use of...

  • Terruzzi Fercalx Spa

    Design and manufacturing of complete lime plants, hydrated lime plants, PCC plants,autoclaves for glass, rubber, composites.
  • A-C Equipment Services Corp

  • Brokk Inc

    Brokk is the world's leading supplier of robotic remote controlled demolition machines. With some 25 years of industry experience Brokk robots are today sold and serviced worldwide.
  • Metso Minerals Industries, Inc.

  • Easy Bar Kiln Tire Lube

    Easy Bar: Easy Bar is the most cost-effective Rotary Kiln lubricant available. Specifically designed for Wear Pads, Easy Bar's auto-ignition point is +1000F (no flame-ups). Easy Bar is also 100% lubricant and evaporates clean, leaving no residue or waste behind. Easy Bar's high graphite content also...
  • C&C Oil Co. - Easy Bar Kiln Tire Bore Lubricant

    Easy Bar® is a patented formula of premium grade lubricants encased within a solid organic carrying agent. When placed between the tire and the kiln shell, the carrying agent melts and releases the lubricants. The rotation of the kiln distributes the lubricants over the filler bars and inside...
  • Societa Impianti Calce Srl

  • Maerz Ofenbau AG