Cadence Environmental Energy Inc

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One Cadence Park Plaza
Michigan City, IN 46360
About Cadence Environmental Energy Inc
  • Our Mission - We strategically develop long term partnerships and provide technology know-how and equipment that is cost-effective and performance proven to global cement companies.
    Our efforts actively support the worldwide cement sustainability initiative.

    In 1975, under the direction of Theodore J. Reese, Cadence's founder and President, the company launched a technology that would allow combustible liquid waste to be used as energy.
    Today, Cadence's technologies are increasing the production efficiencies and lowering emissions of kilns around the world.

    Cadence's innovative Feed Fork and Mixing Air Turbo technologies are protected by 25+ worldwide patents and are licensed for use in 80+ cement kilns throughout the world.

    Waste-To-Energy-Technologies: Wastes from virtually all industries, including chemical wastes, off-spec or out-dated consumer products, industrial wastes, municipal waste and whole scrap tires can be used as fuel. With Cadence technology, virtually any energy-bearing waste is a potential energy source. Unlike typical incineraton, with Cadence technology, waste is used as a productive fuel rather than simply burned. This process helps keep potentially harmful wastes out of the environment. When waste is used as energy in the world's industrial furnaces, it's gone fore good!

    EMISSIONS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGIES: Reducing emissions has become an important priority of cement kilns throughout the world. Cadence's unique Mixing Air Technology helps reduce NOx emissions by up to 50% while, at the same time, substantially lowering other emissions such as SOx and CO. This innovative technology injects opposing streams of high-velocity air inside the kiln to mix the stratified gasses and improve combustion. Mixing air will provide dramatic results on preheater - precalciner kilns as well as long kilns.
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