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  • Educational Resources

    The Media section of the BlueLevel Technologies website offers numerous white papers, podcasts, videos and technical article reprints for review and sue as educational tools in regards to various level measurement, bin level indication and related subjects. Read More
  • Model AP/APX RF Admittance Level Probe

    The Model AP/APX RF admittance point level sensor is available in each of five (5) different probe configurations, including Standard, Mini, Cable-Extended, High Temperature and Super High Temperature probes. All probe versions include integral electronics available with either Ordinary... Read More
  • Model CPH Capacitive Proximity Switch

    The Model CPH is a capacitive proximity switch available in either DC or AC operation. DC units are 4-wire NPN or PNP and include both a Normally Open and Normally Closed switch. AC units are 2-wire and are available with either a Normally Open or Normally Closed switch. All units include... Read More
  • Model DA Disc Aerator

    The Model DA is a disc aerator that is 4" in diameter and constructed of blue or white silicone with a zinc plated steel stem and hardware. The Model DA provides aeration and a gentle vibration to fluidize materials in bins and silos, such as cement powder and flyash. Read More
  • Model IPH Inductive Proximity Switch

    The Model IPH is an inductive proximity switch, 18mm, shielded, and available in either AC or DC voltage operations with either a normally open or normally closed switch output. The Model IPH 18mm switch has a 5mm sensing distance for detecting a variety of metal objects and is cost effective. Read More
  • Model RA Rectangular Bin Aerator

    Low cost aerator pads promote flow to enable proper material level control. Ensuring proper material flow of powders and bulk solids within bins, hoppers and silos is important to proper bin level indication, level control and level sensor operation. Ratholing and bridging can occur in many... Read More
  • Model RH/RHX Bin Level Indicator

    The Model RH/RHX is a rotary paddle bin level indicator with a unique combination of features including; 1) SUPER BRIGHT LED local indication of "Normal" and "Alarm" status, 2) DPDT Relay Output Fail-Safe on Power Failure, 3) Automatic Motor Shutoff to Extend Life, 4) Four Shaft Bearings for... Read More
  • Model VHS Fork Point Level Sensor

    The Model VHS For is a vibrating element point level sensor with extraordinary sensitivity for detecting the presence and absence of powder and bulk solids. The sensor can detect material with bulk density as low as 0.624lbs/ft3. This sensor features a universal AC/DC power supply, stainless... Read More
  • Model VHS Vibrating Rod Point Level Sensor

    The Model VHS Vibrating Rod Point Level Sensor is a solidstate bin level indicator for use in high and low level applications to detect the presence and absence of powder and bulk solid materials ranging in particle size, bulk density and type. The Model VHS has a single rod design and does not... Read More
  • Model WC Smart Inventory Sensor

    Model WC smart inventory sensor is a third generation weight & cable inventory monitoring sensor for powder and bulk solids. It includes a MODBUS serial link, analog output and pulse outputs. The sensor mounts with a flange that can be flat, 5 degree, 10 degree or 30 degree angled. In... Read More

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