Anion Performance Chemicals

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PO Box 487
Oakwood, GA 30507
About Anion Performance Chemicals
  • Anion Performance Chemicals has developed technologically-advanced solutions for numerous site-specific industrial applications. Offering melting lubricant bars, kiln trunnion, dryer and mill lubricants, graphite blocks, and nano-based resurfacing solutions for mechanical applications, as well as services performed by our industry experts, Anion Performance Chemicals is a leading supplier of specialty lubricants and chemicals to the pulp and paper, cement, lime, and mineral processing industries.
Competitors of Anion Performance Chemicals
  • Easy Bar Kiln Tire Lube

    Easy Bar Kiln Tire Lubricant bars have 4 to 24 times more lubricating solids than competing melting lube bars. Additionally, Easy Bar® will not auto-ignite at less than 538° C or 1,000° F.
  • C&C Oil Co. - Easy Bar Kiln Tire Bore Lubricant

    Easy Bar® is a patented formula of premium grade lubricants encased within a solid organic carrying agent. When placed between the tire and the kiln shell, the carrying agent melts and releases the lubricants. The rotation of the kiln distributes the lubricants over the filler bars and inside...
Products by Anion Performance Chemicals
  • Slick Bar: Rotary Kiln Tire Lubricant, Lubrication Bars

    Anion SlickBar® Kiln Tire Lubricant consists of high viscosity index thickeners with Graphite and Copper solid film-forming components. Anion Melting Lubricant Bars provides an adhesive, high solids film to assure maximum protection from excessive wear, cold welding and galling in an easy to... Read more
  • Anion SlickSpray- Tire ID Lubrication for Rotary Kilns & Dryers

    Anion SlickSpray is a superior Kiln Tire and Support Pad interface lubricant. It is the only lubricant of this type to exhibit polar properties. It has superior metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any lubricant of this type. This product is applied with a small... Read more
  • Trunnion & Mill Bearing Fluid

    Anion's synthetic kiln trunnion and bearing fluid is specially formulated for high-temperature trunnion and mill bearings. Our proprietary formulation of an anti-oxidants and EP additives are GUARANTEED to lower the temperature of your machinery's hot bearings to normal, regardless of the cause... Read more