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  • AC input temperature controller 5R1-001 By Oven Industries Inc.

    The 5R1-001 is a universal AC input temperature controller for resistive heaters. The unit is designed with 1500VAC isolation from the electronic circuitry, which virtually eliminates interference from noise or errant signals. The software is PC programmable and requires no programming... Read More
  • Ace GE Series Pumps By Ace Pump Corporation

    The Ace Pump GE series are designed to fit on standard gasoline engines. These pumps are ideal for mobile applications power sources are limited. The pumps are available as a pump kit less engine or complete. Read More
  • Activated Carbon Injection Systems By ADA-ES , Inc.

    Activated Carbon Injection Systems are engineered system from which powdered activated carbon (PAC) is pneumatically injected from a storage silo into the flue gas ductwork of a coal-fired power plant or industrial boiler. The PAC adsorbs the vaporized mercury from the flue gas and is then... Read More
  • Adjustable Forks Pallet Lifter By Columbus McKinnon Corporation

    Cady Lifters Adjustable Forks Pallet Lifter is ideal for handling palletized loads where lift trucks can't go. Counter balanced to hang level when empty and to speed handling. Additional features and benefits include: * Counterweight to balance the lifter structure only, not the load.... Read More
  • AFS Whole Tire System for Precalciners By AFS Technology

    To increase the fuel substitution in Precalciner Kilns AFS provides material handling systems that use Suspension Burners for whole tires. At a rate of 1.5 tons per hour per Suspension Burner most of the tire is burned before it falls to the feed shelf. This reduces sulfur volatilization that... Read More
  • Air Atomizing Nozzles By Spraying Systems Co.

    Nozzles for coating, humidification, fogging, cooling, lubricating, gas cooling,and dust suppression. Read More
  • Air Operated Ball Valve By S&K AUTOMATION

    Air operated ball valves in brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, pvc and other corrosion resistant materials. Double acting and spring return action. Options for limit switches for feedback, solenoid valves directly mounted to actuator (namur mount), speed controls, filter mufflers and... Read More
  • Air-Eagle Wireless Industrial Remote Controls By BWI Eagle Inc

    Industrial wireless remote controls operate any electrical machinery or devices from safe, convenient locations with simple dry contact relay outputs that can be activated by a handheld or stationary transmitter from up to several miles away. Optional analog capability allows remote monitoring... Read More

    Almex Group is the splicing expert and industry leader, cooperating with multiple belting companies to refine the splice process for belting that incorporates Kevlar (TM) by Dupont. Read More
  • Almex OEM Service Protection & Maintenance Program By Shaw-Almex Industries Limited

    Safety is the greatest priority for your operations, It affects every area of your business. In recent years, health and safety standards have become more stringent and penalties for non-compliance have escalated. Not only can the employer be held responsible, but criminal charges can be... Read More
  • Aluminum Domes By CST Industries, Inc.

    CST's geodesic aluminum domes are the preferred cover solution for any storage application. Aluminum dome structures are superior to other cover designs of alternate materials. Read More
  • Ambient Air Monitoring By Shell Engineering and Assoc Inc

    Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc., specializes in ambient air monitoring. Monitoring facilities have been established and operated from New York to Hawaii, in Canada, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Independent analysis and auditing are just a few of the capabilities of the... Read More
  • Anion D'Scale By Anion Performance Chemicals

    It is a common conundrum: The chalky, hard water or limescale that develops on the inside of your mechanical components presents a two-fold problem. First, it significantly decreases the heat transfer capabilities of your machinery. This in turn causes your production and energy costs to go... Read More
  • Anion SlickSpray- Tire ID Lubrication for Rotary Kilns & Dryers By Anion Performance Chemicals

    Anion SlickSpray is a superior Kiln Tire and Support Pad interface lubricant. It is the only lubricant of this type to exhibit polar properties. It has superior metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any lubricant of this type. This product is applied with a small... Read More
  • Apex Domes By Tank Connection

    Apex Domes represents the pinnacle of precision engineered aluminum geodesic covers. Apex Domes are fully compliant with AWWA specifications. Constructed entirely out of aluminum, utilizing proprietary component fabrication, Apex Domes are corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free and... Read More
  • Apron Conveyor By BEUMER Group

    High temperatures, complex configurations, overcoming extreme heights - thanks to a comprehensive product range, BEUMER apron conveyors are ideally matched to the special demands involved in the transportation of hot materials. The tried-and-tested mechanical components of apron conveyor... Read More
  • Apron Feeders By Bedeschi America, Inc

    Our apron feeders are designed to handle all types of dry, wet or sticky materials at rates up to 3000 tph. Read More
  • Aquadyne DVS By Quantachrome Instruments

    The Aquadyne DVS is a fully automated, gravimetric, dual sample water vapor sorption analyzer. It measures adsorption and desorption isotherms of water vapor both accurately and sensitively, including sorption kinetics, with minimal operator involvement. The weight(s) of one or two sample(s)... Read More
  • AQUATEC® 1000 Water Vapour and Oxygen Measuring System for Drying Plants By ENOTEC Inc

    Drying processes are energy-intensive production processes. It doesn't matter if it concerns the drying of gypsum or tobacco leaves etc. A fast and reliable measurement of the drying process makes it possible to optimize the length of the drying process and minimize the energy... Read More
  • Architectural Products By CST Industries, Inc.

    CST is an industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing aluminum space frames and specialty structures including environmental enclosures, canopies, entranceways, atriums, domes, large and small span structures and specialty lightweight structures. Read More
  • ATI- 2001 By ADA-ES , Inc.

    ATI 2001 is a cold-side ESP flue gas conditioning agent that reduces the resistivity of coal-based PRB fly ashes. This product offers decreased resistivity of the fly ash across a wide range of flue gas temperatures Read More
  • Atlas Railcar Mover By Trackmobile® LLC

    The Atlas is Trackmobile’s highest capacity model. It is designed for more rugged and higher duty cycle applications and optimized for the most severe rail conditions and for operator comfort. As the premier model, the Atlas offers many options as standard features. Read More
  • Autosorb-iQ By Quantachrome Instruments

    A highly sophisticated gas sorption analyzer available with one or two physisorption analysis ports, both of which can be equipped for low pressure micropore analysis. A long life dewar (90+ hours) is standard. One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with high temperature... Read More
  • Autotap By Quantachrome Instruments

    The tapped density of powdered, granular of flakey material is highly dependent on the manner in which the particles are packed together. During tapping, particles gradually pack more efficiently, the powder volume decreases and the tapped density increases. Under controlled conditions of... Read More